Christina Miller-Myers, CDB

Certified Digital Bookkeeper

Hi there! It’s great to make your acquaintance. I’m from Northeast Ohio and am proud to call downtown Canton my home. My journey into the world of bookkeeping began in 1997 as an intern to an account manager. Since thenI’ve consistently sought out bookkeeping and data reconciliation roles. In the early 00’s I transitioned to the role of real estate title examiner, a surprisingly fun job where I honed organizational and research skills that I still use today. In 2007 I began my career as a civil servant, serving my local fire department as an Administrative Assistant. I started MMBK in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, to fulfill my desire to help others and use my skillset to my fullest potential. I have a genuine passion for working with numbers and thrive on keeping things organized. 
I strongly believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I love to read, ride my motorcycle, and spend time with my husband, Chris. Chris is a nurse here in Canton and hails from West Virginia. Living in the Football Hall of Fame city allows us to live peacefully together as a divided Browns vs. Steelers household. We enjoy playing with our spoiled rescue dogs, attending Cleveland Monsters hockey games, and kayaking Ohio’s beautiful reservoirs. Remote bookkeeping allows me the freedom to continue my service to my community, serve my clients, and live an active lifestyle.
I believe that any of us can do anything we set our minds to. You may be fully capable of doing your own bookkeeping, but do you enjoy the work? Do you have the time to press pause on building your business to learn the nuances of bookkeeping? If bookkeeping doesn’t excite you, if it’s become a time-suck that distracts from your goals, I encourage you to contact me. Let’s explore how I can take your bookkeeping tasks off your plate.
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